What is RxTakeBack?

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RxTakeBack is a program providing an outlet for prescription users to safely dispose of their drugs.

What is the Disposal Act?

The Disposal Act amended the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) to give the DEA authority to promulgate new regulations, within the framework of the CSA, that will allow ultimate users to deliver unused pharmaceutical controlled substances to appropriate entities for disposal in a safe and effective manner consistent with effective controls against diversion. The goal of the Disposal Act is to encourage public and private entities to develop a variety of methods of collection and disposal in a secure, convenient, and responsible manner.

What can I put in a RxTakeBack?

Prescription drugs: Any medicine that requires a prescription before it can be obtained.

Over the counter drugs: Medicines sold directly to a consumer without a prescription.

Control drugs: CII, CIII, CIV, CV categorized drugs.

Animal drugs: FDA approved medications manufactured specifically for animals.

What can't I put in a RxTakeBack?

Please DO NOT dispose these materials.

Medical Waste, Chemicals, Used Sharps, Aerosols, Hazardous Materials, Batteries, Trash

*No Illegal Drugs

Where can I find a RxTakeBack kiosk?

Navigate to the “Locations” tab above or click on this link. If there is not one near you talk to your local pharmacist about providing a kiosk at their location.

I tried to drop my drugs at the location that was near me, but the kiosk was locked. Why is it not accessible?

Based on the DEA regulations, someone must be present to operate a RxTakeBack kiosk. If the kiosk was not available for you to dispose your drugs, try contacting someone behind the counter, or asking for the designated kiosk manager.

Can I bring someone else's drugs to dispose of at a kiosk?

Only acceptable substances that are lawfully possessed by an ultimate user or other authorized non-registrant person may be collected.

Collectors shall not permit ultimate users to transfer such substance to any person for any reason.

Where can I find the DEA regulations on this program?

Who can maintain a RxTakeBack kiosk?

Collectors or Federal, State, tribal, or local law enforcement may manage and maintain a collection receptacle for disposal.

How many times can I drop my drugs in a RxTakeBack?

You may drop them as many times as you like the collector that maintains the kiosk is in charge of making sure that the kiosk liners are ready to be filled. If the kiosk is locked please check with the kiosk manager for further instruction.

Do I have to pay to use the kiosk?

No. The kiosk is paid for by the facility that it is located at. The service is provided free of charge for ultimate users.